Boris Johnson is a weak man. He is a person who needs to be liked, who has aspired to greatness his whole life and who does not care how he gets there.

His lack of morality is second only to his weakness and when you put the two together you get a devastating combination.

His weakness caused Dominic Cummings to be hired and to become the architect of Brexit. It has created an environment where he cannot sack any of his ministers because of his own behaviour, and now it is heading to creating a situation that could undo all…

My Apple TV is old and a pain to use these days; the software is noticeably slow compared to any other device I use, starting a streaming seems to take forever and the remote is completely unintuitive (and gets lost far too easily).

I cannot blame the product itself due to the age, but when considering what to replace it with the options are stark. Do I buy an Apple TV 4K for £169 or an Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4K for £49.99? That is quite a gap, but when Prime Day appeared and the Fire Stick dropped down to…

The AmazFit Neo costs £29.99 (using a £10 Amazon discount) and comes with a surprising set of specifications for the price-

Up to 37 days of battery life (37!)
Always on display
All day heart rate monitoring
Sleep tracking
50m water resistance
Step counts and automatic exercise tracking

It appears to be too good to be true doesn’t it, but the reality of using it suggests that it stands up to many more expensive trackers.

At a mere 32 grams in weight you do not realise that you are wearing it and the fit is surprisingly comfortable. There…

I have been wearing a series 4 Apple Watch for the past two months and I have not worn a mechanical timepiece since. It feels wrong, I feel like a fraud and the overwhelming sense that I am giving something special up does not leave me.

The Oris Divers Sixty Five

My passion for watches is not logical, it never is for anyone who sees what I do in the designs and mechanics of such objects, but it is most certainly present and is hard to ignore. Ask anyone who loves watches and they will give you many reasons for their passion, but none of…

Drop your Apple Watch Series 4 from 2 feet and the screen smashes

As you may know I have owned a lot of watches and one thing that they have all had in common is the ability to survive life. Whether they have been £10 or £1,000 I have never had a watch crystal break from a fall, and I have accidentally dropped a few of them.

My wife, however, made the mistake of dropping her series 4 Apple Watch from 2 feet onto the bathroom floor and look what happened-

It appears to have landed on its edge and…

The Series 4 Apple Watch is largely regarded as a huge improvement over the previous iterations and the design has been praised for feeling more like a watch than a computer.

A lot of time has obviously been spent on the physical form to create a familiar form that sits well on the wrist and this likely because many of the seniors within Apple are watch guys, traditional mechanical watch guys.

The Oris Diver’s Sixty Five offers near perfect clarity.

What I don’t get, however, is the lack of cohesive thinking when it comes to the watch faces on offer and the way they are implemented.

Marco Arment wrote…

24 hours with the iPhone X

Apple doesn’t get enough credit for the way it has taken commodities and turned them into products that people actually want to own. Think back to the beige boxed PCs of 2 decades ago and the attempts at tablets and music players from others and you get a sense that Apple always saw these objects as being more then mere bundles of technology designed to do things.

Mobile phones have always been different in that regard. They have been fashionable, fascinating to millions and in some cases lusted after. The iPhone, however, has taken…

I decided to try iOS 10 on my iPhone SE for no particular reason and so far the results have been more than positive with beta 3. The SE is not exactly the best device to take full advantage of the changes iOS 10 brings thanks to the lack of 3D Touch and the smaller screen, but there are moments of great care shown in the design which tick boxes I didn’t know were there.

From a stability point of view, everything works and I have not suffered any system crashes, slow-downs or anything else of note. All of my…

So, you don’t like Pokemon.

I have read countless comments in the past few days about Pokemon GO and many of them are extremely negative. What’s wrong? Are you scared of something new or do you now want your children to be outside, getting exercise and actually doing something? Would you rather they sit indoors eating Pop Tarts and watching TV or playing on an Xbox?

If you think it’s for kids, then let it be for kids. Let them enjoy it. If you see an adult playing Pokemon GO, don’t judge them- they are just trying something new and…

Around the time I upgraded to the iPhone 6, I lost my enthusiasm for phones. After moving through the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and 5S, the upward movements were minor, incremental and familiar. The iPhone has become something that is with me all of the time and which I use for so many tasks that I no longer feel impressed by it. It is, ironically, impressive that I do not notice it and only do things on it without thinking.

And so I moved to the iPhone 6 and found myself only mildly impressed, but sub-consciously annoyed that…

Shaun McGill

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